Pageant Information

Welcome to the
National Showgirl Pageants.

The National Showgirl, National Showgirl At Large, National Showgirl Supreme, National Showman and National Showman At Large are a family of entertainers, promoters and fans spanning the nation. Our goal is to be one of the premier pageant systems for the fabulous world of Drag and Impersonation (Both Female and Male) We hope that you will join as we continue to offer opportunities which are high quality and fair as well as an amazing unique opportunity in today’s comeptive world of LGBTQIA Pageantry.

Click here to download the contestant Packet.

National Showgirl and National Showgirl at Large both entail the identical categories of competition:

  • Business Casual Interview
  • Evening Gown (Showgirl, Showgirl At Large, Supreme) & Glitz Evening Wear (Showman & Showman At Large)
  • Talent
  • Showgirl & Showman

For a total of 125 points possible from each judge.

All category information and scoring information is available for download, in the promoters section of this website.

National Showgirl Pageantry Systems is a registered trademark with the United States Trademark and Patent Office (#86115801). And is proudly owned and presented by Scott Stebane. Scott is a respected business owner in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, and has many years of LGBTQ Pageantry promotion experience.

As a former promoter for multiple other national pageant systems, Scott brings a fresh and responsible approach to National Showgirl Pageantry, and with the help of the Board of Directors and reigning titleholders hopes to grow the system exponentially in the coming years.

National Showgirl Contacts



Antwanette Chanel-Roberts , National Showgirl

Makenna Michaels, National Showgirl At-Large

Kymber DeVine, National Showgirl Supreme

Oliver Woodstock, National Showman

Ry’Yon Tajoure, National Showman At-Large






Scott Stebane, President/ CEO
Jazmine Roberts, Vice President/ Owner
Jack Neilsen, Head Judge/ Board Member
Neely O’Hara, Board Owner
Nova Starr & Jacob Lane, Official Jewelers