Born and raised in the heart of Missouri, after traveling and working throughout the world, your National Showman At Large, Mr. Seymour Chilton, has made his home back in Missouri to be close to the family and friends he holds dear. Whether he is flipping houses throughout the Midwest, starting new business ventures or working in the entertainment industry, Seymour strives to make the world a more beautiful and accepting place.

He has held numerous titles throughout the United States, all while being a very successful entrepreneur. As a pillar of the gay community, not only locally, but nationwide, he has used his heart and ingenuity into improving the lives of everyone he meets.

Now, he has set his sights on representing and building the confidence of all men of size, whether they be bio male, king or trans male by being an example and mentor, and helping to grow the brand of National Showman At Large, a system that embraces and includes all the beauty and diversity of manhood. #NationalShowmanatLarge