Christopher Iman..born in ft. Myers Fla. Raised in residing in Atlanta Ga. Has always been involved in the arts, from concert choir, pop choir, musical theater to band. So naturally crossing over to make lead was easy performing wise.

Being a dancer, choreographer, and musician, he enjoys performing as well as helping others vision come to life talent wise. Working for an artist development company helps the exposure worldwide.
As a Male lead, he has captured quite a few national titles like Duval, Sweetheart., wessland, Black Universe., USofA, Continental, and now National Showman! He wants to use the platform for his global outreach charity based event. “American Dance Icon” where 6 people team up with renowned choreographers and dance for the charity they pick!
Along with that, he will continue to entertain and promote this system with just as much passion and motivation as any other, so look out. He will definitely be in a city near you!!!