Makenna Michaels also known as Shaelyn Avianna Long is from the small town of Weiner in Northeast Arkansas. There she resides with her husband Alex. Shaelyn has done the illusion of Makenna Michaels for 13 years. She is the owner and founder of Michaels Production Company which has successfully hosted drag shows across Northeast Arkansas helping the presence of drag grow.

Makenna has been professionally trained in the folk art of Clog dancing and has competed at the national level. Having a love for theatre, movies, art and music has aided her to be the performer she is today, and holding such titles as, Miss Illinois USofA Newcomer, Miss South Central USofA Newcomer, Arkansas Newcomer America, Arkansas National Showgirl at Large, and Texas National Showgirl at Large.
One of the most important mottos Makenna will always live by is to “Love with your WHOLE HEART.”

I would like to personally thank everyone who helped in my win of National Showgirl At-Large 2021-2022. I told myself that i wasn’t going to hold back this year, that i was going to be Unapologetically Myself (because that’s how my biggest role models were) they were/are Beautifully Authentic People. I wanted to be able to show the love i have for not only my craft but the love i have for everyone I’ve met along my journey to become the woman i am today. I wear my heart on my sleeve because i am a big ole gal and i have a lot to love! I am humbled and blessed by the family i have gained through National Showgirl Pageantry and hope to someday encourage other trans individuals like myself who are maybe scared like i was to accept and live my truth later in life. To transition at 30 is not the easiest thing but it was essential to me being Unapologetically Myself. With all this i hope you choose to love with your whole heart and as always Keep It Fat~N~Sassy!